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Swiss Bank has a wealth of knowledge and experience of the specialist finance needs of the business world. From short-term loans to ease cash-flow management, to financing property, import and export shipping, mergers and acquisitions, and the myriad requirements of the dynamic business environment,Swiss Bank promises fast decisions, speedy implementation, and competitive rates

Our Business Banking service features a range of products and solutions – tailor-made and perfected for each client based on different variables such as nature of business, products or services, annual turnover, and stage in the business life cycle.

A number of Islamic instruments are available to assist in the financing of all kinds of business assets, with each transaction designed to meet the needs of the client and the specific circumstances that apply.

Businesses can also fulfil their medium to long-term finance requirements, using flexible repayment and take-up options that enable reduction of risk while improving cash flow. And high-growth businesses have solutions available to ease the strain on working capital and the heavy weighting towards domestic or international debtors that such business typically experience.

Talk to our team of expert, industry specific business bankers who will be happy to assist in the financial structuring, management, and continued development of your business – whether a start-up enterprise in the small to medium sector, or a mature operation with an established record.


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