Bank of Switzerland

Banknotes in circulation
These banknotes were put into circulation between 1995 and 1998 and are legal tender.
Eighth banknote series
The banknotes by Jörg Zintzmeyer. Interplay of security and design.
Reserve series
The banknotes by Roger und Elisabeth Pfund were never issued.
Seventh banknote series
Recalled, but still exchangeable banknotes
These banknotes have been recalled as of 1 May 2000 and are thus no longer legal tender. They can still be exchanged at the Swiss National Bank, however, at full nominal value for 20 years from the date of recall, i.e. until 30 April 2020.
Instruction sheet for exchanging recalled banknotes
PDF [125 kB]
Sixth banknote series
The banknotes by Ernst and Ursula Hiestand. The "Borromini" era.
Valueless banknotes
Valueless banknotes are no longer legal tender. They may, however, have some collector's value. The price depends on supply and demand and on what state the notes are in. Contrary to numismatists, antique dealers and commercial banks with a numismatics department, the Swiss National Bank does not deal in valueless banknotes.
Fifth banknote series
The banknotes by Pierre Gauchat and Hermann Eidenbenz. The „Saint Martin“ and the „Thistle“.
Fourth banknote series
The banknotes by Hans Erni and Viktor Surbeck. These banknotes were never issued.
Third banknote series
The banknotes by Orell Füssli. This series was only partially issued.
Second banknote series
The banknotes by Ferdinand Hodler and Eugène Burnand. The "woodcutter" and the "mower": money as art.
First banknote series
Interim banknotes. Banknotes become the exclusive preserve of the National Bank.

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